Every removal is different, and so are the prices. For a comfort of our customers, we’ve prepared various moving options. Choose the one that suits you best!

Complex moves is a full service option. That means, that you won’t have to worry about anything. Our employees will take care of packing, assembling, delivering your items and cleaning apartment afterwards. We will take packing materials, and unpack the boxes in the place of destination.

Standard moves is an option for those of our clients, who prefer cheaper resolutions. We will provide you with all required packing materials, and pick up the boxes when you are ready with packing. We will also help to carry heavy furnishings. Your task will be only to pack the small items.

Do it yourself” is an option for people who don’t like to spend money. Our employees will help you with loading and unloading heavy items, rest is up to you!

Price 1 Man 2 Men 3 Men
Per hour (min. 3 or 4 hrs): £35 £50 £65

No hidden costs! Our service is charged from the moment of our arrival.
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